10 Normal Kids Who Brought A Celebrity To PROM

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Description: top 10 famous people who went to high school prom with regular students
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If you haven’t heard the news that Kylie Jenner broke the internet by crashing a high school prom, then you are seriously out of the loop. The 19 year old reality star never had a prom of her own. When a high school student invited her to be his date, she couldn’t resist. She surprised the teen, and his shocked classmates, by joining him for the big night!

Another star that crashed a prom, didn’t need an invite to steal the spotlight. While working on his album in 2015, Justin Bieber heard a party. Not being one to say no to a good time, the singer thought he would drop in to see what was going on. He soon sent teenagers into a frenzy when he and his body guards walked through their prom dance floor, dancing and pausing for pictures along the way.

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