I have the Launch CRP129 so I wanted to get the CRP129X to see how much better it was then its predecessor.

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Description:  I have the Launch CRP129 so I wanted to get the CRP129X to see how much better it was then its predecessor.

The touch screen makes this unit really easy to use, its easier to use the touch screen then it is the buttons. The buttons on this unit don't actually do that much but most menus can be navigated by the screen and the back or home button.

The CRP129X has a built in battery so you can look at the reports away from the car unlike the CPR129 which has to be plugged in to the car to power up. The CRP129X has internal memory and WIFI built in which makes it a lot easier to update then the CRP129 which had a micro SD card that you had to update the unit with.
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The reports have a nice layout which is easy to read and understand. The vehicle selection menu is easy to navigate. The VIN reader didn't work on my 56 plate Suzuki Swift but once I put the VIN in manually it picked the vehicle details up.

The CRP129X can show the live data from the car in a numerical and graphical format which are both very easy to read. The Battery voltage reading has a short cut on the home screen to be able to quickly check that there is voltage in the battery for diagnostics.

The CRP129X is quite large compared to the old CRP129. As you can see from the pictures it is bigger in just about every dimension but the screen isn't actually that much bigger but the quality is much better and with the screen being touch sensitive it makes it feel a lot bigger.

The CRP129 also comes with a charging cable and a protective carry case, both of which were not included with the CRP129.

Overall it is a very good and capable machine. It can cope with just about any car and any system on the car. The touchscreen, built in WIFI and Battery are all a big improvements on the previous model.
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