He doesn’t deserve that bass pro shops hat lol.

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Description: STAY FOCUSED!! I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN YOU. What would you do in this situation? I woulda been the same way Lol this is not even funny but it’s funny. My worst fear…Id never speak to another person involved. That fear is real. I’m not afraid of snakes however I don’t feel that you should play games with people that really are. He doesn’t deserve that bass pro shops hat lol. Do anybody know if he left ?
Brain: “Take it off ME!!”
His Body: “If you move you DIE!!”
When men forget who they are and their gender!!! That is the tightest clinched fist that I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely a wrap that joke. Dude can never wear a "Bass Pro Shop" hat again. Maybe something from "Victoria Secret" next time. His hands!! Hahahah!!! This is so wrong.!!! I feel so bad for , Homie!! Hahaha!!!
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