I LOVE THEM! Never heard of one before, That’s a spicy mouse!

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Description: The lowland streaked tenrec, found only in Madagascar! It belongs to the family Tenrecidae in the order Afrosoricida, and more specifically to the subfamily of the spiny tenrecs Tenrecinae. Its natural habitats are in tropical lowland rain forests in northern and eastern parts of Madagascar. It is very closely related to the Highland streaked tenrec. The streaked tenrec is the only mammal known to use stridulation (the act of producing sound by rubbing together certain body parts). They rub specialized quills together found on their back, as you can hear a juvenile tenrec doing in this video taken at Masoala Forest Lodge. The first one is a baby and the second is the mom i assume. The sound they produce through stridulation uses sound frequencies too high to be heard by human ears, so an ultrasound microphone is needed to record it. The reason they stomp on the ground is to encourage earthworm activity, make them wiggle around so they are easier to find, then use their beaks to ruffle through the leaves and undergrowth to find the wormies. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Never heard of one before !!! New Sonic archetype just dropped. Babe wake up new favorite animal just dropped lol. So nature got bored and fused a hedgehog with a shrew? It's a hedgehog that joined a 90's boyband. That’s a spicy mouse! Barkbox made a dog toy of these guys and its adorable. My dogs love it.
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