Karma said “shit happens”.

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Description: Damn, imagine getting a possible felony over someone's parking. They must have history...cause zero to poop for a double park. Damn... they must have serious drama in that parking lot Karma said “shit happens”. ill never understand how someone can park like that, get out, see it and just say eh its fine. im from jersey so its a daily observation for me. Actually won a stupid prize for that stupid game. Bruh if somebody puts straight up shit on my car we running the security tapes back it's all good. Probably an ongoing issue. Or that person has anger issues. Poop n door handle?! That’s Im over your shit type moves. A bit extreme but also there have been times where I’m forced to park like a fucktard cuz someone else parked shitty. The first guy leaves then it looks like I parked like an idiot - now if this guy is a repeat offender, then well deserved. (Also did someone who parks there do this or a passerby who was pissed. Anyway now we have a handwriting sample and also known that likely a dog owner who lives close to those units.
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