What a beautiful sight!! Sound On

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it's a mother's love... how utterly enchanting and fascinating... thank you for sharing a moment i'd never be privy to and no harm...

"There are some breath-hold dives where the experience is so mesmerizing I completely forget about the burning sensation in my lungs.

This was one of those occasions.

As the whale song of a distant male reverberated through my body, this devoted mother humpback basked in the warm waters off the coast of Tonga – patiently waiting for her baby to grow, and building strength for the long journey back to their feeding grounds in Antarctica. I bid a silent farewell before gently floating to the surface so as not to disturb them."

Video was taken on assignment for @SeaLegacy in Tonga under Special Interaction Permit (Regulation 13) from the Ministry of Tonga.

Words and video Instagram: by @SeaLegacy Co-Founder and Lead Storyteller: @PaulNicklen
Models: Animal Planet