He questioned his entire existence LOL.

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Description: Oh my god!!!!! this is hilarious!!! I still would have said no to the hallucinations question and gone home and repressed it. This dude deadass be making people think they’ve completely lost their minds then boom “it’s just a prank bro”. I would have admitted myself to the psych ward if this happened to me, He questioned his entire existence LOL. mans is thinking to himself “that was one helluva educated hallucination, He’s trying to figure out something that he’s hoping doesn’t exist. That was def more than 3 wtf faces. Man was like, did I just respawn. Imagine if they never told him. I would’ve left and went straight to the psych ward. This was well executed. They didn't try to do too much. It was good
Looked like he was stoned though, for a second there is thought he was in the matrix.
Mans is stressing out do you hear me
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