Let me guess, its the drivers fault

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Description: He was to busy thinking when he could get a burger lol. Exactly why bikes should have to carry insurance when used on the street. Let me guess, its the drivers fault. Do bike riders just ride looking down all the time?? That shit happens all the time. Then they look at you like it's your fault. "Why did you stop at the red light didn't you see me". why does this give me so much satisfaction to watch. How fast was that van backing up? lol. You can either be smart or be a cyclist. But you can't be both. It would be hilarious if had hit a parked police officer's vehicle. Now we know what the helmets for. If you don’t look up, you’ll always fall down (Confucius). Dedicated bike lanes would be nice. But also pay attention. He was too busy admiring his outfit
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