The blue carpet, the blue marble floor She walks like a gta npc lol.

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Description: dudes like... I'm not ruining my suit . Call the lif guard. She literally thought it was a glass floor. What is the point of having a pool at your wedding??? The blue carpet, the blue marble floor lol. She walks like a gta npc. The way no one jumped in to help her xD. whoever places the tables that close to the swimming pool… should be fired respectfully. Who had a swimming pool in the middle of their wedding reception/party. Grandma just trying to make this about her. She did that on purpose to see who cares, Or to see who didn't jump in to save her so she can take them out of the will. Why someone always has to scream like they the ones that fell in. She was like : why nobody is on the dancefloor. I guess I need to take the lead...... Splash. “What a pretty wedding honey, I like this blue ru..blupblupblup”. Real men whould have jumped in immediately. She was trying to be cute coming in. Keep head up look forward. All the men thinking “don’t make me ruin this suit”. They all just looked like who gunna help her. I honestly thought that was a dance floor or somethin. She just thought everyone was walking around it specifically all night what did she think it was a rug or something like
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