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Powerful AIRFLEX STORM Professional portable Cleaning Machine in action.

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Description: The best portable carpet cleaner. Following on from the successful Airflex Turbo machine, the British designed and built Airflex Storm is our top-of-the-range flagship extractor. The incredibly powerful 800psi Airflex Storm can run 200ft hoses direct from your van, with a host of features to help you clean to a higher standard faster and with with less effort. Get carpet cleaning products from
The Airflex Storm’s high performance pump and super-powered parallel vacuum set-up mean the operator can move the wand up to 4 times faster – you can move the wand just as quickly as you would if using a truckmount, without needing to spend lots of time on additional dry wand passes (necessary with ‘in-series’ machines). Airflex Storm comes fitted with a beast of an 800psi pump, suitable for both carpet and hard floor cleaning. This fully adjustable powerhouse of a pump allows you to clean more carpets in less time. Fewer passes of the wand are needed, with the water pressure doing more of the work for you. The Airflex Storm is fitted with an extremely powerful vacuum motor system – far more powerful than the standard Lamb Ametek 1200 or 1400 watt motors used on Airflex Pro and Airflex Turbo machines. Vacuum performance on the Storm is comparible to 3 x 1400 watt heavy duty Lamb Ametek vacuum motors! This incredible vacuum power allows you to move the wand much more quickly. Soil extraction is far more efficient and fewer dry passes are required. Drying times are much faster and you have enough power to clean 200ft away from the machine. The gap between portable and fuel-powdered truck mount has never been so small.
You will not believe the difference in speed, ease of use and drying times when you try one of the Airflex Storm machine. Now with optional remote control and auto-empty
At the touch of a button you can control Airflex Storm’s vacuum motors, pump or auto-empty system. Considering you could be working upstairs 200ft from your machine, this soon adds up to quite some time saving. Airflex Storm’s remote control is a purpose built system designed to cope with the high in-rush switching demands essential for this type of industrial machinery. Read more:
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