PanzerStorm online Multiplayer Battle.

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Description: Panzerstorm video clip of online multiplayer gaming, Map Review: Panzerstorm is loosely based on the Battle of Hannut, fought in Belgium during the second year of World War 2. The German forces have ripped through a small municipality, smashing into British defensive forces. In the aftermath, tank husks litter the otherwise beautiful landscape now ready for the taking. The Battle of Hannut was a Second World War battle fought during the Battle of Belgium which took place between 12 and 14 May 1940 at Hannut in Belgium. It was the largest tank battle in the campaign. It was also the largest clash of tanks in armoured warfare history at the time. Dates: May 12, 1940 – May 14, 1940 Result: Allied victory Location: Hannut, Belgium Thanks for watching please like , share and subscribe.
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