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Heavily soiled carpet cleaning using a truck mount carpet cleaning machine.

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Description: The carpet have been pre sprayed with a chemical which uses enzymes and oxidising agents that pulverise the dirt, it’s then agitated north to south then east to west and allowed to dwell for 10-15 minuets.....then the technician will flush (or rinse....each technician uses different terminology) with an acid rinse chemical that is added to his solution tank, the clean water solution with acid rinse is then injected into the carpet at around anything from 60’c to 120’c depending on level of soling......300psi is used for optimum drying times however many machines go as high as 600psi but rarely needed...each wet pass should be coupled with at least two dry passes then an air mover like a Dri-pod or snail placed at the cleaned end of the room while the technician carries out the rest of this cleaning duties......
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