Who needs Santas sleigh to fly when powergirl and either supergirl can take me for a fly.

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Description: Most beautiful Power Girl ever! Who needs Santas sleigh to fly when powergirl and either supergirl can take me for a flying ride. Hope people don't sleep on the trade dress because the close up on the eye detail is incredible. @stacycosplays insta: Your cosplays are among my favorites. Glad to see you get your due and recognition for your hard work! Action Comics 1051 is SOLD OUT at KRSCOMICS.COM! The original Powergirl has finally returned to us after 13 years! I've been waiting for this day for so long and now it's finally here. There was no way I could hold back on this artwork regarding every single aspect, down to the finest of details. Her face was the absolute most important. I created her gaze to connect deeply into one's soul the more you look into her eyes. I created her eyes to be light sensitive to direct sunlight, and for her iris to blossom into the formation of a lotus. I designed her buckle into a serpent devouring it's own tail (symbolic of death and rebirth), linked to the Kryptonian on her belt that reads "Death Rebirth). The hexagon detail on her costume is multilayered giving a 3-dimensional quality and omg, that hair took forever! This cover is inspired by my first PG cover, so you'll find many similarities. I had the pleasure of working with Kate of @stacycosplays who I felt was perfect for the role, so a huge thanks to her!

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Kate 24 year old cosplayer who loves superheroes and video games!
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