The Moons of Saturn

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Description: Saturn has 82 moons with confirmed orbits. Only very few are visible to an eye looking through a telescope. A long exposure can reveal more of these Moons. Most prominent moon is Titan. It’s the second largest moon in our solar system after Jupiter’s moon: Ganymede. Titan has a radius of 3200 miles (5120 km), while our Moon has a diameter of 2159 miles (3454 km).

With some processing, the Moons and Saturn can be composited all in one image.

Gear: Canon 90D and a Celestron EDGE HD C11.

Saturn itself was extracted from a 3 minutes video. A stack of 1500 frames was done with sharpening to bring up details. The Moons of Saturn are a series of 10 seconds long exposures, stacked all in Photoshop using the mean method.