The Mirror - that’s very touching and beautiful!

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Description: The Mirror - that’s very touching and beautiful!
The Mirror

Look into the mirror, I need you to see what I can see, I see a thing of wonderous beauty, every time you look at me

Stare into.the mirror, find your beauty deep inside, forget about the haters and the times that you have cried

Look passed their jealousy, see the goddess that I see, to me you are so beautiful, please listen to my plea

Yes you have parts you're not happy with, these things they come with age, forget about when you were young, it's time to turn the page

Believe me when I say, to me you are like a perfect work of art, your beauty starts from within, it grows within your heart

Your sexy, curvaceous, you are perfect in every way, girl you are spectacular, please believe the things I say

You may have some battle scars, wear them with great pride, it shows you're a fighter, against the world you've tried

Got up each time you fell, you found the strength to fight, to push on through lifes turmoils, to stand up for what is right

For you to love somebody, at first you must love yourself, be confident, be who you are, learn your own self worth

So go up to your mirror, go find the Goddess that I see, she's hiding deep inside of you, it's time to set her free

Climb out from the shadows, let your pure light shine, show the world you're beautiful, show them you're devine

Be the brightest star in the sky, let your smile beam like the Sun, show them all you're gorgeous, be your number one.

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