Milan Red - V8 Quad Turbo 1325 HP 6200cc.

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Description: The Milan Red brings a new design idea to the world of hypercars too. Rather than being shaped by a brutal chase for downforce, like the McLaren Senna and Ford GT, or by the sheer artistic madness favoured by Pagani or Apollo, Milan Automotive wanted a hypercar inspired by Austrian falconry. Which explains that beaky nose. Milan has given the Red three driving modes named after the abilities of Austria’s rare and lethal bird of prey. Instead of Sport or Race modes, in this car, you choose between Glide, Hunt and Attack modes. Its 6.2-litre V8 is quad-turbocharged, and develops 1,306bhp. And, because the carbon fibre construction gives a claimed weight of 1,300kg, the Red has a one-to-one power-to-kilo weight ratio. Even though the 1,306bhp and 1,033lb ft outputs are sent only to the rear wheels, acceleration is said to be rapid. Milan claims 0-62mph in just 2.5 seconds. If those figures are proved accurate, that makes the Red a tenth slower from 0-62mph than a Bugatti Chiron, but a second quicker from 0-124mph and a massive 3.7 seconds faster from 0-186. Blimey. The top spec is claimed to be in excess of 248mph. Austrian-made carbon fibre suspension wishbones are a tech showpiece of the Milan. Other unique features include a heartbeat monitor inside the car, and a front bumper that looks like an angry sparrow. For this insane set of specs, you’ll pay around €2m, and of the 99 set to be made, 18 are already spoken for, believe it or not. And that’s greatly excited Milan Automotive’s CEO, Markus Fux, who said: “Nowadays you can drive an artistic car, a high-tech-monster, a throne on four wheels - or a car, that only serves one purpose: stealing everyone the show. "BUT Milan Red CEO found guilty of fraud and sentenced to four years in prison. Fux, a former racing driver, collected money from investors to finish development of the car, but prosecutors claim that cash was never used for the Milan Red. The company filed for bankruptcy in early 2019, according to Kurier. It’s much easier to design a cool car than it is to get it into production.
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