Perfectly Worded, this is so beautiful and true

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Description: People who have nature, sea, and mountains should feel blessed. There’s something about being surrounded by beauty, fresh air, and good scenery that makes you want to be a better person, like describing the wonders around you through poetry, gratitude, or maybe even music. How wonderfully blessed are those who are in harmony with mother earth, for they shall ruminate and overthink less than those who live in the cities with advertisements and information seen everywhere. How graciously blessed are those who are dreaming at the shore as they watch the stars at night and smell the salt of the sea, for they shall feel warmer whenever they feel lost or lonely. How faithfully blessed are those, who are sitting together around a bonfire and telling good stories about what wisdom the trees have given them as they were swaying and what bewilderment they’ve experienced when the birds were talking to each other, and it was music to their morning ears. How infinitely blessed are those who have an inspiring environment to lean on for the rest of their gifted lives.
By - Juansen Dizon, Free Folk
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