Arnold Schwarzenegger and Betty Weider! The wife of bodybuilding founder Joe Weider.

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Description: In 1956, Betty posed for a sports magazine and met the handsome athlete Joe Weider. In 1961, their wedding took place. The bride took the groom's last name and became interested in bodybuilding. She gave up her previous job, but continued to appear to advertise fitness services and equipment. After joining the sports industry, Betty began posting her columns in her husband's women's magazine.

Brosmer is not only a supermodel. Together with her husband, they pioneered fitness and strength training. Joe Weider founded bodybuilding. His wife helped him make fitness popular, introduce proper nutrition into the diet of athletes.

They say that it was Betty who suggested Joe to pay attention to the Austrian champion Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, the future terminator settled in a neighboring cottage next to the Widers. Later, the miniature Betty could often be seen in the beach shots in the arms of Schwarzenegger.