Battlefield™ V Summer Update - New Weapons and Gadgets.

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Description: As you charge through these new maps, you’ll do so with an expanded arsenal that will make your squad even more versatile and prepped for any combat situation. Light it up with the Doppel-Schuss flare gun or the Pistol Flamethrower, and deploy with new weapons like the M3 Infrared, the Welrod, and much more iconic gear. These items can be unlocked as login rewards during the first couple of weeks following the release of the Summer Update. After that, they will be available through the Company.
1. Sjögren Shotgun (Support).
2. Chauchat (Support).
3. M3 Infrared (Recon).
4. K31 (Recon).
5. Welgun (Medic).
6. M1941 Johnson (Assault).
7. PPK/PPK Suppressed (all classes).
8. M1911 Suppressed (all classes).
9. Welrod (all classes).

Gadgets designed to switch up the dynamics on the battlefield are coming, too. Recon players will get strategic and offensive buffs with two new toys, a new flamethrower will grant the Assault class further anti-infantry possibilities, and Support players will be able to counter enemy vehicles and infantry with the Shaped Charge and Kampfpistole.

1. Doppel-Schuss (Recon).
2. RMN 50 Grenade Launcher (Recon).
3. Pistol Flamethrower (Assault).
4. Shaped Charge (Support).
5. Kampfpistole (Support).

Finally, prepare to pull the pin out of these new grenades. Remember to throw them, too.
1. Firecracker Grenade (all classes).
2. Demolition Grenade (all classes).
3. Type 99 Mine (all classes).
New Vehicles

And there’s more! On the Battlefield V maps where the Americans are fighting German troops, new vehicles will be available with the Summer Update. Take to the skies with four new U.S. aircraft and jump into a new and nimble armored vehicle for each faction. Here’s the lineup:

1. A-20 bomber.
2. P-70 Night Fighter.
3. P-51D fighter plane.
4. P-51K fighter plane.
5. M8 Greyhound.
6. Puma Armored Car.
As with the aforementioned weapons and gadgets, these vehicles can initially be unlocked by simply logging in to Battlefield V.

Speaking of vehicles, the update also includes a rebalancing of the Bf 109 Specialization trees. We’ve tweaked these to better match the air strike capabilities of the new P-51 aircraft, while still maintaining balance with the UK side’s Spitfire. Faction Changes

Apart from the maps and military hardware, you’ll notice some other changes in Battlefield V when the Summer Update hits. For instance, we’ve done some faction changes on certain maps; the U.S. troops will replace the U.K. on Twisted Steel, and Panzerstorm. Source:
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