I guess I won’t do this Again. were her last words before..

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Description: “I guess I won’t do this again,” were her last words before she was pulled underwater by an aligator. A manicurist in South Carolina has been killed by an alligator she insisted on trying to touch. Cynthia Covert, 58, was visiting a woman’s home on Kiawah Island last Friday to do her nails, when she spotted the reptile near a pond. The witness told the Charleston County Sheriff that the woman was not acting like her normal self, and was more talkative and relaxed than usual, FOX8 reported. Investigators asked if her behavior may have been drug or alcohol related, she replied Covert “came to her residence with a glass of wine, but that was the only thing she saw.” After spying the alligator she went down to have a closer look, despite the woman and her husband warning her against it. The couple even told her that an alligator had “grabbed a deer” from that exact same spot just days earlier; but she replied “I don’t look like a deer,” before proceeding to try and touch the gator. That’s when the predator clamped its jaws around her leg and began dragging her into the water. The pair ran to grab a shovel to try fend off the animal, while one threw a rope to her to try pull her back onto the bank. The victim meanwhile did not scream. “Covert was about waist deep in the water and she stated in a very calm voice ‘I guess I won’t do this again’ as they tried to pull her from the water,” the Sheriff’s report states. “The alligator took her under the water and she released the rope.” Covert’s body was later discovered “intact with severe wounds to her leg.” The country coroner determined the cause of death was drowning, which is how alligators commonly kill their prey. The gator was later tracked down and killed by authorities. Source: https://www.lovebscott.com/say-now-south-carolina-manicurist-calm-eaten-alligator