Fortnite - New in Creative - version 11.40.

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Description: What's New in Creative - v11.40. Release date: 01.14.2020.
What’s New?

Village Galleries - Additional variants to the previous Village Galleries to help expand your own village!
Horseshoe Island - A unique U-shaped island with more water for aquatic adventures.
Islands - Added Horseshoe Island - A U-shaped island with smaller outlying islands to swim between.

Bug Fixes:

Shadows no longer show on the Grid Island surface when nothing is built on it.

The Creative Hub rift is placed consistently on all islands now.

Fixed an issue where the Creative Template Islands names and descriptions would not localize text properly when the game was set to different languages.

Trees and rocks no longer appear to be floating on Escape Map Tutorial Island.


Added Friendly Fire option to My Island settings and Team Settings device to allow players to deal damage to teammates during a game.

Added a new value to the Autostart option in the My Island settings.

Immediate - the game will automatically start as soon as the player has loaded into the island.

Changed how spectating players are grouped in voice chat when the Voice Chat option is set to Teams; rather than grouping all spectating players into the same voice chat, they are now grouped together by team.

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