Trials Without the Tribulations Part 2: A Guide to Season One Trials in Modern Warfare.

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Description: “His fruit killing skills are remarkable!” Hadir, Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.

If you made the Officer Ranks before December 3, you may have already experienced Trials, tests of skill that allow you to earn thousands of XP in only a few minutes. During that time, there were three Trials courses to take part in: the Gun Course, Behind Enemy Lines, and Marksman Challenge.

For Season One, Infinity Ward introduced another trio of fun Trials to tackle after each rank up in addition to the three original challenges. Just one Trial ticket will allow you three tries at the best time in a given Trial, with a three-star ranking giving you 10,000 XP.

And, as a reminder, those Double XP tokens you earn from the Battle Pass – or by other means – apply to those XP rewards, should the token be active during your Trial. In other words, that three-star reward is worth a whopping 20,000 XP, and if you know your way around these Trials, that XP boost can come within only a minute or two of your time.

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