Red Dead Online for PC launch bringing a whole new audience of players to the game.

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Description: With the launch of Red Dead Online for PC bringing a whole new audience of players to the game, we encourage you to please contribute your input to to let us know your opinions of what you think could be changed, added or removed to improve the Red Dead Online experience. Feedback from the community that we’ve received over the past year via the Feedback website has been invaluable and helped inform many of the enhancements to Red Dead Online as the game has evolved.

We also encourage you to help ensure a fun and fair online experience for everyone by reporting any cheating you may encounter. The best way to report a cheater in either Red Dead Online or GTA Online is always to use the in-game reporting tools found in the game menu; this is the most helpful way to provide actual game data to assist in an investigation and potential action. We also know that there are occasions when you may wish to report cheating outside of the game, by providing more details or video evidence links from YouTube or Twitch. With the launch of Red Dead Online for PC, we have updated our Support website with dedicated areas for Red Dead Online and GTA Online where logged in Social Club members can report any sort of cheating – whether it’s someone using a mod menu to disrupt players’ gameplay, engaging in illegal account sales, or flaunting a suspicious if not impossible rank or bank balance in-game. Thank you to Red Dead and GTA players worldwide for your help in creating a healthy game environment for all. more on
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