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Description: The Railjack is a multi-crew interceptor designed for salvaging wreckage and heavy combat. The Railjack delivers customizable firepower on a massive scale, including twin-mounted nose turrets, manned wing turrets on each flank and an underslung, armor-piercing forward artillery cannon. This interceptor has three primary components: Engines (speed), Reactors (tactical capacity) and Arrays (shields). During missions, you and your crew will collect armament and component wreckage, which can be repaired into ship upgrades back at the Dry Dock. You’ll also discover three categories of Avionics to install:

- Battle Avionics: Your Railjack’s abilities.

- Integrated Avionics: Passive stat boosts.

- Tactical Avionics: Ship-wide abilities that can be used by any crew member from the Tactical Map. (Examples: Void Cloak, Fire Suppression, Breach Seal)

Avionics, components and armaments are made by multiple houses. Each brand offers different strengths and weaknesses allowing you to further customize your experience. These parts can only be equipped at the Dry Dock, so make sure you’re prepared for combat before you fly to your next mission.

As your Railjack takes damage, fires and hull breaches will require your swift attention, along with hostile boarding parties looking for havoc. Keep your Railjack in operational condition by using the Omni multiuse tool to douse the flames and seal the holes. If you can’t leave your station, pull up the Tactical Map to issue commands to your crew! read more: https://www.warframe.com/news/warframe-empyrean-4
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