Shocking video: Dublin Cyclist Tackles Bike Thief To The Ground


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Description: A young man attempting to steal an unattended bike in Clontarf, Dublin. You can see the owner of the bike leaves his bike against a wall, only seconds before the thief spots it and tries to steal it. The owner must have been on the lookout as he reacts quickly and tackles the thief down to the ground. This happened only last weekend and Gardai are urging people to keep a close eye on their bikes - especially if leaving them unattended for only a couple of seconds. On the '360 Cycles Clontarf' Facebook page, this is where they posted the video. One person recommended leaving it in 1st and then ''flick both levers for front and rear gears all the way to top'' to slow down the robbing process. May this be a lesson to owners to not leave bikes unattended, as well as a lesson to thieves who think they will get away with it.
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