HIVE: Altenum Wars – Launch Trailer | PS4

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Description: Available on PlayStation®4 on May 1, 2018. HIVE: Altenum Wars is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scrolling with gameplay based on fights between two teams of five players each. We play the role of the best fighters of the different factions that exist in the game lore: human military (UFG), humans modified by altenum (NHC), robots (EVO), and evolved aliens (YILL). Choose from three game modes: - Team Deathmatch - Get the highest number of enemy kills in a team fight. - King of the Hill - Teams must conquer and defend one of three different strategic points scattered across the map. - Survival - Offline mode. The hero faces waves of enemies. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow us on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:
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